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"Take Your CROWN Queen"



​Haydee Lee is a certified FDC Family Developer, and a proud Afro-Latina mother. Her education in family development, early childhood education, and Human Services,

paired with her lived experiences led her to develop Love Thyself First (LTF), a woman’s empowerment and mental wellness initiative that creates healing-based community art spaces, and advocates for the de-stigmatization of mental health support in urban communities.. (continue)

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Lightbulb Love Letters


This 12-week program is where we intersect Mental fitness, self-love, strategy, goal setting, spirituality, science and wellness in a way that produces clarity, lasting lifestyle results and fulfillment. This will be a safe space to connect mind and spirit To be do and have all that was destined for you to obtain and I want to help you get to your personal YES!!



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