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Financial Wellness: Healing, Habits & Expectations

By: Mental and Financial Wellness Coach. Lady, Haydee Lee Scott

In the midst of the confusion of this world over the past 2 years, there are few things that have been true for me: The power of God, The importance of Healthy Families and Financial Healing and well-being.

With all that’s going on in the world today, it is no surprise that many families in the world have also decided to focus on their financial wellbeing, stability and security. With the growing vaccine mandates, turbulent weather conditions, and new strands of viruses lurking as we all seek safety and freedom to have favorable options to thrive in life. As I look around, I recognize the problem for some who are accustomed to lack is that we walk around with no real guidance, tons of unbelief and unhealthy expectations of ourselves and others leading us to behave in ways not obtaining the God giving abundance & Financial Wealth that rightfully is already set for you. It is said that how you choose to behave in one area of your life affects how you behave in all areas of your life. In this same light, we may allow our insecurities and our unhealed trauma in other areas of our lives to affect the relationship we have with money and how we show up in our financial wellness. During this time in the midst of confusion We are also being required to develop our mindset, to elevate our capacity to stretch beyond what our current environment may speak to us. We are ultimately being asked to believe in who we truly are and what we are worth. For money is currency but how you obtain and get into the flow of your honey river is determined by where you allow your mind to flow.


During a recent Leadership meeting I heard a colleague say “The rich don't work, they think” When I first heard this I was shocked, a little offended and then I leaned forward to the edge of my seat intrigued. I had to make a decision that I needed to study what I wanted success in. During my research of millionaire behaviors. I began to ask, what can we learn from the 1% of the world? What can I implement today to assist me in mastering and actualizing Financial Wellness and Wealth. It has been said that success leaves clues and if healing is to take place in your finances, like in any relationship, research the clues of what has worked (is healthy) for the masses, there must be acknowledgement of the harm, Peace in the process and courage to step into new possibilities, always leaving room for improvement with understanding and communication. In the same way, you deserve reconciliation with money. Most people desire to do better in life however they may not know the ‘How to' or expect their circumstances to change without becoming the change and living that change from the inside out. The truth about money is that if you do not have it, chances are that you have disrespected have not properly learned to take care of it, exercised it, and learned its “rules for engagement” For nothing in life stays with us when we disrespect it. During an interview, Investor, Michael Medina says there is a positive note in beginning to master your finances, “if someone is willing to start changing their spending habits, make more money and save/invest consistently they can begin building assets “ Great news, Right?

Below are some points to take into your spirit, meditate on them and then run after your destiny of what is already yours.

Financial Wealth starts with a Wealthy mind, we must learn to condition and train ourselves for wealth and rid ourselves of the poverty mentality that keeps us both broke and in poverty. You see this mentality sabotage people the most when they win the lottery or receive some form of lump sum and within a short few months return back to a similar if not the same financial health. Ask yourself, What are you willing to not accept financially? What are your boundaries and what are you expecting for your life financially? Who are you willing to be in a relationship for this goal? People give up on themselves before they give a real shot to financial success. You may claim to yourself you want it, you may even take a further step and say to others you want it but are you truly expecting it to happen for YOU?

If you are truly ready to pivot into your new self then it will be the Daily habits, small changes, that make a big difference. It will take Discipline and focus and ability to keep your vision alive in your conscious mind. Some tools I use to assist in any process of transformation is to continue reading affirmations daily, goal setting and keep vision of both why you started the transformation and where you are going next.

When I Asked Mr Medina the Top 3 daily consistent habits that helped his mind in the direction of financial wealth? He said the following:

1. “Avoiding and tuning out all negative influences, news ect”

2.“Focusing on getting results daily that will make me more money”

3.Investing my time wisely in things that are keeping me healthy, happy, and productive


“Enthusiasm is not strategy”

Have you ever been excited to start a new venture, habit or mindset to only learn that by weekes 1-3 you forgot why you event started? or that you were excited about something and you decided to work harder in the direction you were already going in? Instead of doing something different. Albert Einstein said “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results”. In the same way, You may now be excited about the mindset changes setting in, however understanding that Enthusiasm is not enough and Enthusiasm is not Strategy leads you to ask the life changing question:

What is the plan? What is the strategy to move from where I am now financially to where I want to be? Essentially we learn the ultimate strategy of being intentional about your finances. Your Wealth will grow in the direction that your intentions go.

If you are tired of trading hours of your life for money and are ready for an effective strategy getting paid what you are worth and securing that stable financial house, If you are willing to step out in faith and elevate your mind, emotions and finances then I invite you to partner with me and schedule a 20 minute free discovery call where we explore if we are to walk in relationship to your wellness & financial wealth.

Text: “20 discovery” to 646-247-0140 Email:

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