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Financial Wellness is More Than Numbers

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

“Be Empowered through your Journey”

Financial wellness is the satisfaction of current and future financial goals. When I began my financial journey it was the empowerment I needed for my own wellness. I grew up with a fixed mind-set in regards to finances and wealth. It may have been a combination of my race, being raised in East Harlem, and the fact that I am a woman, that led me to believe that “I was not enough” and that I would never see my finances flourish. I began to realize that My thoughts and fears were actually not unique to me, they were a systematic way of thinking that many people of color have held and have been taught from generation to generation. This belief system is FALSE and caused me to place limitations on myself. I began believing the circumstances of my environment instead of believing the truth about abundance and my birthright in it. For those of you not familiar with the term Abundance, it simply means Affluence; abundance in wealth and the mindset of there is enough. And when you choose to focus on abundance instead of scarcity many limitations are broken.

I ask you, What limiting beliefs do you hold today that may be keeping you from pursuing your own financial freedom and wellness? I have found in my own experience that lack of Information and inclusion In regards to wealth and economics, racialized financial oppression, and sometimes religion can create financial barriers for people of color.

As a woman who believes in the teachings of Jesus Christ. I have often heard other people say “you know what they say right? money is the root of evil” this is one limiting belief, I did my research, and it’s simply not true. 1 Timothy 6:10 (AMP) says “ for the love of money [that is the greedy desire for it and the willingness to gain it unethically] is the root of all sorts of evil: and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves [through and through] with many sorrows. You don't have to have any specific belief to understand this verse when you read it. It's indeed the love of money that is under scrutiny and not money itself. Our attitude toward money is the problem. If you are looking to become financially secure by building generational wealth in this area of your life, ask yourself, what are your hopes and financial accomplishments you wish to obtain? What are you willing to stand up for? And What does opportunity, choices and financial freedom mean to you and your family?

There is a saying How you do one thing in life is how you do everything, I have personally found this to be especially true when we speak about total wellness. Our actions like a rock thrown in a pond causes ripple effects to the many other wellness areas. Wellness are the actions or applications of activities with the goal of Health and Wholeness. The act of Wellness in one area affects Health in many other areas of your life. We should ask ourselves, What is the one thing in your life if you either added or removed would be the defining factor in you experiencing a “great everything”? For example What would it be like if you removed procrastination from your life? Or perhaps, if you vowed to work from a mindset of excellence at all times? We have 8 dimensions of wellness. Many of us do not give it a second thought. Many of us prioritize our physical wellness which is most known from a doctor’s recommendation for a balanced nutritional diet, 30 minutes of physical activity and 8 hours of sleep however there are many other parts of us such as Spiritual wellness, Mental/Emotional wellness, Occupational wellness, Financial wellness, Social wellness, Intellectual wellness and Environmental wellness.

I asked myself, what does God want and say about my finances? This level of self-reflection And ultimately helped allow me to take faith-driven risks and to focus on my Financial wellness. Breaking the limitations in my life fostered a healthy and positive self regard, and through joining a team and then later creating a team of women working on their financial wellness improved my sense of connection and community And re-connected me to meaning and purpose in my work.

My Financial Advisor, Ms Cynthia Abbott once said, “to win at the money game. You need to be:

1, Mentaly Tough

  • To be mentally tough is the ability to persevere in pursuit of a goal; no matter how long it takes.

“As a man thinks, so is he”. What you think determines how you act, if you want to be mentally tough you have to think tough thoughts..replace weak thoughts like “ I cant”

2. Coachable

A person who is coacble:

  • Listens

  • Always seeking ways to improve

  • Accepts feedback

  • Open to criticism

  • Process driven.

3. Positive Attitudes and beliefs

A positive thinker:

  • Is optimistic about every situation

  • focus on the good in any given situation.

4. Work Ethics

  • Ability to maintain proper moral values within the “workplace”

When I was a child I held on to limiting beliefs, however as I became older I had to remove my old mind, my old way of thinking and stand up and produce from the new way of thinking. Financial wellness is more than just numbers, Not because the numbers are not important, they absolutely are, but it is your foundation that determines how strong of an empire you will build and what generational wealth you will be able to leave to your grandchildren. I had to fully become this person to reach the level of financial success I currently have, I would add, along with these points, that we do the necessary INNER-vision work so that the things acquired can be sustained. Being financially well is not about the house and cars; Those are by products of the journey. Financial Health or wholeness is about the person you become to reach those financial goals and the level of success is defined by you. Be kind to yourself, celebrate yourself along your journey and do everything with Gratitude and Joy!

Written By:

Mental and Financial Wellness Coach

Lady, Haydee Lee Scott

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